Athens ESF report/ Part 2: Information

spread at the 4th European Social Forum in Athens, 2006

Psychiatry & Mental Health Care:
“ To bear or not to bear ?? ”


Psychiatry Hospital                                

Do YOU know what is happening inside Mental Health Care & psychiatry?

 “ Is psychiatry used to keep order in society, by putting psychiatric patients away from the sight??”

Are the patients getting better?






Psycho Pharmaceutical Drugs                    

Just fighting symptoms won’t be enough to cure a person.

The increasing use of psycho pharmaceutical drugs, is mostly due to the capitalistics of pharmaceutical industry (the biggest sponsor of investigation on curing diseases!). These psycho-drugs are widely used for (forced) repression of thoughts and feelings, and also harming humans and the environment.

 Are they still looking for the pill that solves all problems?


Under-investment in Mental Health Care is Visible!








Psychiatry Fixation on bed                                

“ Will he be getting better now, or do we have to wait another year?? ”  

Is psychiatry meant to help people to live, or does psychiatry mean the loss of a life?

Do YOU think this treatment is any good for the patient? (or does this serve the personnel only?)




Psychiatry Isolation Cell                      

“ Is this a West-European form of Exclusive treatment? ”       

 Or has the time NOW come to develop new methods for Mental Health Care?

 Mental Health care should build bridges instead of walls!

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