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International Activity Report of Stichting Mind Rights:

up to 2009

Publications by Stichting Mind Rights:  
Report: the Red Paper (May 2006)
WSF report (April 2007)
GFCMH Report: Breaking the cells down (June 2007)
International activities (up to 2009):  

22-24 October 2009 : Stockholm, Sweden
Speaking at the 6th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry

As experience expert from the user perspective I gave a personal presentation.

Read the Article which I presented
"Psychiatry in the age of Neuroscience: the impact on clinical practice and lives of patients"

 Official site of the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry:

 My Dutch report of the congress (in 3 parts):
and my travel report:



15-20 March 2009 : Kampala, Uganda
Global Assembly

World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP)

A meeting in Kampala, Uganda, with user-organizations from all over the world.
The theme was: Making our rights a reality Human Rights in the Age of
the CRPD.
What does the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) mean for us?

In Kampala I was chosen as a Board member and also Treasurer
of the worldnetwork WNUSP

The official website of WNUSP is
My Dutch report and travel-blog can be found at  


I also visited the user movement NAUSPR (National Association of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry Rwanda)
It was very impressive and inspiring.




9 - 11 August 2008 & 2007: Reggae Sundance Festival , E3-strand Eersel, the Netherlands
Reggae Sundance Charity Picture

Fundraising activity for African user organizations.
We made 500 euro by selling pictures, and we divided this
amongst three user movements in Africa:
Ubuntu Centre in South Africa
Makana-Group in Kenya, and
usergroup of Sylvester Katontoka in Zambia

(painted by Jolijn Santegoeds)



30-31 May 2007, Global Forum on Community Mental Health
main sponsors: Basic Needs, CBM and WHO
held at WHO head office, Geneva, Switzerland
more info on GFCMH on

my contribution to GFCMH is a new report :
Report: Breaking the cells down (June 2007)

impression of Global Forum



The 7th World Social Forum (WSF)
took place in Nairobi, Kenya from January 20-25th, 2007

Our Workshop Mental Health Care
was On the Agenda of the WSF-conference on January 22.
It was a big success and more than 100 people attended our workshop.

impression of WSF workshop

We have spread leaflets with our WSF statements

WSF 2007 report - click here.
Including the things we learned from travelling around in Eastern Africa from January 7th 2007 to February 7th 2007, visiting several places where patients with mental problems usually are at.


Activity Reports :

4th  European Social Forum 2006
Athens, Greece

Our first international activity was very recently:
Workshop Inside Mental Health Care & Psychiatry
Friday May 5th 2006, 14.30
Place: room F 05 at 4th ESF, Athens, Greece


It was a big succes. More than 40 people attended the meeting. The room was full, and sometimes people were standing in the back, because all the seats were full. Everyone agreed on our topics. And all the copies of our information were taken by the visitors. Even the leaflets from the wall were taken.
Erik Scaltriti from Madrid, Spain volunteered to video-tape the complete meeting, which took 3 full hours. 
And we gathered a lot of new contacts across Europe, from a lot of organisations.

More information on the extension of our networks will follow.
Please visit this site regularly to stay informed.


Athens ESF report

The contents from this conference in Athens is divided into a few parts.
This report made by:  Jolijn Santegoeds, Actiegroep Tekeer tegen de isoleer! NL

Part 1. Our ESF statements which were proposed, discussed and agreed on the ESF 2006.

Part 2. Information which we spread at the ESF in Athens

Part 3. Introduction the first part of the meeting, containing:
    Jolijn Santegoeds (Actiegroep Tekeer tegen de isoleer!)
text: From psychiatric patient to activist

    Jan Verhaegh (European Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, ENUSP)
text: Not on the Agenda (2005)  (Includes reports of his trip across Central Europe)

    Marietje Lemmens ( Stichting Time -out )
Statement Women Organization Time-Out

    (A report of the discussion will be added)

Part 4. Next to do & Other Information

Part 5. Investigating Psychiatry in Greece



We have sent our reaction to the EU Green Paper : Improving the health of the population: Towards a strategy on mental health for the European Union:

READ: The Red Paper on improving mental health care - Declaration of Patient Organizations on mental health care