Athens ESF report/ Part 4

NEXT TO DO & Other Information

Next to do:

Actions/ work:
1. Make psychiatry accepted as an important topic within the left, social movement, and in the rest of the world
2. More participants on next ESF
should talk about this with others, inform as many people as we can,  and try to  bring more people the next time)

Main themes; repression, Human Rights, privatization, stigma, alternatives

Also check our ESF Statements


We are considering participation on the World Social Forum 2007, Nairobi, Kenya.

We have no financial fundings, since we are not yet an official beneficial NGO. We are still an club of volunteers. But the costs are rising sky-high.
Any support is welcome, just contact us.


Other Information:


EU-proposal  :
Green Paper:
Towards a European Strategy on Mental Health
(EU Site)
 (Full report)

EU-project (Full report):
Compulsory admission and involuntary treatment of mentally ill patients - legislation and practice in Member States:



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