Woman Organisation                 Time Out.



Women are not obliged to swallow everything.

Action against the isolation cells.


Action against the isolation cells in psychiatric hospitals

and forced treatment.

We, women, victims of sexual abuse and violence against body and soul.

We declare, that we do not want to become victimised and traumatised again by mental health care institutions and hospitals, because the mental health care does not give us the care we need and where we are asking for.


We,women, traumatised as child by abuse of power

do not want to become traumatised again by the power of putting forced in isolation cells, by bad care, in institutions and hospitals.

We want good quality of care.

We , women, ask for better care, what is sexe specific.

We want to say self what we need ,we want empowering of our forces and self-esteem.


We want that our self respect is respected and empowered.

We want care what is empowering, with the intention of recovery and rehabilitation.

We want to be self the touchstones of the quality of  the care.


We do not want to  live in hospitals but in the community.

Close the hospitals and abolish the isolation cells.\and also abolishment of poverty.


Marietje Lemmens

The Netherlands


telefoon +31 / 043-6013857



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